Newsletter 2006

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Date  Title Description
December, 2006 2006 Performance Review The Relationship of Risk to Investment Horizon and then Portfolio Performance in 2006
November, 2006 Anatomy of an Opportunity Discussion of the Market Over-reaction to Canada's announcement about taxing trusts,
October, 2006 New Mexico Real Estate Update Updates our 2005 report on the market in Rio Rancho N.M.
September, 2006 Updates U.S. Real Estate Market Analysis plus notes on the Stock Market and Thailand
August, 2006 Thai Development Fund Offering Provides a summary of a fund set up to invest in land in Thailand
July, 2006 Hot Penny Stocks - Bad Advice from the Junk Mail Bag Irreverent review of common pump and dump stock scams routinely hitting our inboxes.
June, 2006 Postponing Tax by Attempting an Exchange Explains a useful quirk in the tax code and a new financial tool for hedging house price risk
May, 2006 Thailand: Focus on Koh Samui Demand versus Supply and the expected appreciation on Koh Samui
April, 2006 Thailand: Focus on Pattaya Demand versus Supply and the expected appreciation in Pattaya
March, 2006 Using Innovation to Boost Development Profits How to earn high returns building houses in Hawaii using new methods from Prefab LAB
February, 2006 Accessing Home Equity for Retirement Analysis of choices (including selling) in using home equity to fund retirement spending
January, 2006 Psychology of Investing Actual vs perceived risks and an analysis of how people deal with the costs of understanding risk