Newsletter 2004

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Date  Title Description
December, 2004 Update on Phoenix - a look at 2004 & 2005 Phoenix apartment and single family home markets.
November, 2004 Primer on Legal Structures for Asset Protection Explains how to use legal entities to protect assets against lawsuits and reduce taxes.
October, 2004 Residential Real Estate Market News Current market conditions and key market analysis.
September, 2004 Thoughts on Economic Trends Analyzes events and trends for real estate investing implications.
August, 2004 Launch of Expanded Services Explains our services, including exchanges, asset management and retirement/financial planning
July, 2004 The Case for Selling Real Estate in California Explains the relationships between appreciation, capitalization rates, interest rates and returns. Compares potential returns in CA to alternatives.
June, 2004 Investment Management for Retirement Designing Investment Strategies to Achieve Financial Goals Before and After Retirement
May, 2004 Pooled Investment: A Primer Explains Real Estate Partnership Investing versus Direct Investment
April, 2004 Focus on Las Vegas Las Vegas Apartment and Single Family Home Markets
March, 2004 Investing in Single Family Homes Why, where, and how to invest in single family homes.
February, 2004 Primer on Real Estate Risk Definitions of risk, types & sources of risk, and how to manage and/or mitigate risk.
January, 2004 Primer for Calculating Real Estate Returns Definitions of return measures and how to forecast returns