Newsletter & Article 2003

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Date  Title Description
December, 2003 Focus on Phoenix Phoenix Apartment Market
November, 2003 Maximizing Returns on Equity - Why and How Financial management concepts for maximizing wealth
October, 2003 Residential Real Estate Market News Current market conditions and key market analysis.
September, 2003 Anatomy of a Deal Part III: Financing Dealing with banks and brokers: How to get the best loan for you.
August, 2003 Anatomy of a Deal Part II: Contract Contingencies Explanation of the use of Contingency Clauses in Contracts.
July, 2003 Anatomy of a Deal Part I: Getting into Contract Explanation of Purchase Contract negotiations and key terms.
June, 2003 Housing vs. Investment Property – The Role of Interest Rates and Expectations Analysis of the how the cost of capital and expectations are affecting price moves and the potential for a burst bubble.
May, 2003 Opportunity Costs and the Average Investor The financial analysis behind the short cut test for overpriced real estate
May, 2003
Assessing Real Estate Values to Avoid Bubble Investing A Look at Some Potential Pitfalls in Real Estate Investing
April, 2003 Residential Real Estate Market News A Summary of the Market in 2002 and Suggestions for Investing in 2003
March, 2003 Triple Net Lease Properties: Pro’s and Con’s A Primer on Investing in Single Tenant Triple Net Leased Property
February, 2003 The Mobile Home Park Niche: Pro’s & Con’s Comparison of Mobile Home Parks to Apartments as Investments
January, 2003 When to use Leverage to Boost Returns Mathematical Analysis of when Leverage works for or against you