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September 2018
Linking Savings to Retirement Spending Part 3

Analyses the impact of social security and variability in inflation and investment returns on how long assets last in retirement.
June 2018
Managing Risk and Return for Long Term Investors

Explains the risk management process in the context of the links between risk, return, time horizon, and investment characteristics.
March 2018
Short Term Income Portfolio Strategy and Performance

Update on Short Term Income Strategy and discussion of major factors effecting markets and housing.
December 2017
Long Term Income and Quantitative Investment Strategy results

Results for the Long Term Income Strategy and also the Quantitative Equity Strategy.
September 2017
Linking Savings to Retirement Spending Part 2

Expands on the analysis of how long savings can last to include owning a home versus renting along with the possibility of downsizing.
June 2017
Linking Savings to Retirement Spending

Analyses how spending and asset allocation interact to determine how long your money can last.
March 2017
Benefits and Risks of Closed End Funds for Fixed Income Investing

Explains the details of how Closed-End Funds work and how to analyze their advantages. A performance update for the Short Term Income strategy illustrates the benefits.
December 2016
The Market Reaction to the Election and Expectations for the Economy

Reviews market moves and the potential economic impact of the new political agenda.  Plus an update on the Quantitative Investment strategy returns.
September 2016
The Size Advantage of Individual Investors versus Institutions

Analyzes 3 major advantages of individual investors compared to institutional investors. Also includes a performance update for the Long Term Income portfolio.
June 2016
Extremely Low Interest Rates: Causes and Effects

Explains the economic factors driving down interest rates and inflation + the effects on the economy and financial markets.
March 2016
Small Business Retirement Account Tax Strategies

Explains various retirement account pro’s and cons. Plus a performance review for the Short Term income strategy.

December 2015
Value versus Growth – Investor Psychology and Switching Strategies

Explains cycles of investing performance and the interaction with investor psychology. Also discusses Bond Market volatility and Quantitative Investment Strategy Test Results.
September 2015
Long Term Income Strategy and Performance

Analysis of Long Term Income portfolio performance. Plus a discussion of Market Cycles, Valuations and the Price of Risk.
June, 2015
Flat Returns in Fixed Income

Analyses the factors impacting fixed income strategies over the last 12 months. Plus a performance review for the Long Term Value strategy and a note on deflation pressure from China.
March, 2015
Oil Markets Analysis – Demand, Supply, and the Saudi’s Game

Applies game theory to analyze the dynamics of the oil market. Plus a performance review for the Short Term income strategy.
December, 2014
The Oil Price Collapse
Discusses the oil price collapse, economic & market conditions at the end of 2014. Plus an analysis of the 1st year results for the Quantitative Equity strategy.
September, 2014
After Quantitative Easing – Some Scenarios to Consider
Examines scenarios for the economy and financial markets with rising rates. Plus a performance review for the Long Term Income strategy.
June, 2014
Stock Market Theories – Simple Ideals to Explaining Complex Reality
Discusses a new theory of the stock market as compared to the efficient markets ideal and its implications for investors.
March, 2014
When to Move Retirement Savings to a Roth IRA
Analysis of when to covert a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. Includes performance review for the Long Term Value strategy.
December, 2013
A Quick Tour of Different Approaches to Stock Market Trading/Investing
Overview of various equity investing approaches and introduction to our quantitative strategy. Plus a look at our Short Term Income strategy.
September, 2013
The Fed’s Interest Rate Dilemma and A Silver Lining.
Why the Fed changed course, why higher rates are good for investors, & a look at our Long Term Income Portfolio.
June, 2013
A Big Move in Rates: The Impact on Markets
Analysis of the recent rise in interest rates (unintentionally) caused by the Fed's statements.
March, 2013
Investment Strategy: Diversification Applied to Economic Scenarios
Provides a diversification strategy for various future market conditions and analyzes the “New Normal”. Also looks at risk allocation decisions.
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