About Berkeley Investment Advisors
Our Mission:
Our mission is to help clients achieve their retirement goals by advising them on how to manage risks while employing appropriate financial techniques to maximize retirement income.

Independent Advice with Your Interests First

Berkeley Investment Advisors is a Fee only advisor which means we are paid based on the value of your assets that we manage – we do not earn commissions by selling financial products or excessively trading your account. Unlike stock brokers, our fees grow only when your assets grow. This eliminates conflicts of interest and insures that our incentives are aligned with your interests. In fact, the law says that registered investment advisors must act as fiduciaries for their clients – we are required to put client interests first. Stock brokers are not legally bound to this level of duty to their clients.

We Get to Know You

Money is a very personal thing and investing is, to an extent, driven by emotions. Therefore in order to devise a strategy that works for you, we take the time to understand both your goals and how you react to risks. When we understand each other it makes investing less stressful and provides you the assurance that your investment advisor knows how to take care of your money.

What makes Berkeley Investment Advisors a good choice for managing your money?

Ray Meadows Ray Meadows is the Chief Investment Officer at Berkeley Investment Advisors, a registered investment advisor. Ray is a CPA (inactive), CFA, and an MBA. (Check out all of our credentials and licenses here). He manages separate accounts for clients, so your money is not pooled with that of other investors. He previously worked for Salomon Smith Barney in NY as a quantitative analyst in the hedge fund risk management area. Ray's edge over other money managers derives from a rather unique combination of skills and experience that sets him apart. He began his career in auditing and tax and then pursued an academic career in the Ph.D. program at Berkeley. This provided him an expert grasp of macro and micro economics that most market participants lack. He learned all the practical technical aspects of the capital markets in the trenches as a quant reviewing market wide hedge fund trading at Citigroup. With this superior grasp of the underlying workings of companies, economies, and markets, he tends to see what's coming much earlier than most of the market. He predicted the meltdown in residential markets and the feedback effect on interest rates long before the effects showed up in the market.

Investment Philosophy

Ray is a value investor. There are lots of great companies out there but what makes a great investment is a good company selling at a great price. Ray looks for companies selling for substantially less than his estimate of what they are worth. Ray takes a long term view of investments; he does not sell because a stock moved down or buy because a stock moved up. Transactions are based on expected future returns not the past, with a goal of earning 11% or more per year over a 5 year investment horizon while actively reducing risk relative to the market indices when valuations, and therefore risk of loss, are high relative to historical norms.

The Track Record of Superior Management

See the Track Record page for the returns for client portfolios.

Customer Relations

At Berkeley Investment Advisors, our highest priority is satisfied customers. You are important to us and you can expect us to go the extra mile for your business. Superior customer service is the hallmark of Berkeley Investment Advisors. You will have direct access to the Chief Investment Officer - not a salesmen taking orders. We are proud to serve you and work hard to earn your business.


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